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The History of the Beer Glass

It is well known that beer has been with mankind for a long time. As beer itself changed, expanded, and improved, so did the way in which we actually got the beer to our mouths. The earlier vessels man used for drinking included earthenware, pottery, carved out wood, and even sewn-together pieces of leather. As [...]


What’s in My Beer?

The main ingredients found in beer are water, malted barley, hops, and yeast.  There are other ingredients such as flavoring, sugar, and other ingredients that are commonly used.  Starches are used as well, as they convert in the mashing process to easily fermentable sugars that will help to increase the alcohol content of beer while [...]


The Strongest and Strangest Beers

Infographics are all the rage on the Web these days. You know, those charts that show ideas and statistics in pictures? We found this one today that not only tells you what the strongest beers are, but also the ingredients of the strangest ones. Who puts bananas in beer? Some of the ingredients might make [...]